Cheaters Anonymous

This is a place for men, women, teens, every age and orientation, who cheat on their loved ones. For those who want help and want to stop. OR those who just want to understand.
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PostSubject: Admin Obey_The_Frog   Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:55 am

Call me frog, Bara's a good friend.
I'm here to talk and learn like the rest of you. I've been the affair in a relationship, been cheated on in two, been left twice, and just recently cheated (1st time) with my first love, on my fiancée. Ex Fiancée cheated with a married man that had a kid for a year. And I was the one that always bashed cheaters... Everyone does it, even just in your heart it'll happen. There is hope in places like this though. So post, talk, get out what you think no one wants to hear or'll listen to. It is safe!

*Pardon the language*

Even if it's the most fucked up shit, you'll be listened to, and not judged. Maybe you'll meet a friend here that'll stay your friend for years-you never know... Take a chance!

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