Cheaters Anonymous

This is a place for men, women, teens, every age and orientation, who cheat on their loved ones. For those who want help and want to stop. OR those who just want to understand.
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 Admin Bara Lee/Admin ChaosBlossums

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Bara Lee

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PostSubject: Admin Bara Lee/Admin ChaosBlossums   Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:36 am

Hi, I am Bara.
I am the admin and creator of this forum.
I made this forum because I am a compulsive cheater and liar. I was searching online for websites to help me understand why I do what I do. I came across bits and pieces but nothing that was really able to help me. This forum is to help everyone understand and move on from cheating. I hope it helps.

Hi, I'm chaotic.
But you guys can call me Chaos. Bara got confused and thought I was giving my name when I was simply describing myself. xD. So back to my intro.
I thought it would be amusing to come edit bara's post xD
Enjoy the forums and keep things clean enough, lol.
I'm hoping this forum will grow, post it on your facebook, send the link around so we can get members and we can have fun topics ^,^
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Admin Bara Lee/Admin ChaosBlossums
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