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This is a place for men, women, teens, every age and orientation, who cheat on their loved ones. For those who want help and want to stop. OR those who just want to understand.
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 Story time

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PostSubject: Story time   Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:48 pm

As an amazing person, I'll be the first to post in this section, bwahaha.

Where to start. Well for starters, I have been a cheater, a player, a man whore more or less, and a complete disgrace as a man. Some may look up to me for what I've been able to pull off, but it's a shameful fact I don't like people knowing, even though I never really regretted it.

Girl A
For starters, I wasn't as always as cool as I am now. I used to be a chubby kid with barely any friends. I didn't have a girlfriend until my sophomore year, and wasn't really known by anyone until the either. My sophomore year is when my working out had finally helped me slender down, and I was able to be in social settings more at ease because of my improved appearance.
I was 15 when I had my first girlfriend. I fell in love a couple months in, and then I lost my virginity. After a while, that relationship fell so far apart that it was fighting every day. Even though I wanted to, I was so attached to the girl that I would've been lost without her. After about 8 months of fighting, and about a year and 2 months in, I went to my usual anime convention. While their, I kissed 8 different people, 5 girls and 3 guys, and was finally able to unattached myself from that relationship. It felt like I was able to just let all those feelings of need for that girl go. I'm not sure if people would consider that cheating, at the time I did, but not really anymore, and I'll tell why later.

Girl B
After that relationship had ended, I was single for 6 months. I didn't really like another girl in that period of time, it just seemed like I had taken my emotions and locked them up for better or worse.
It was my senior year, and I started dating my second serious girlfriend. I loved the girl, but I knew deep down I couldn't trust her. She was too much into the physical aspect of our relationship that I knew that if I went on vacation or went into the army witch was the plan at the time that she would cheat or would be happier with someone their for her. So after figuring out that I didn't trust her, even though I loved her, I made moves on a diff girl.

Girl C
So one Friday afternoon, this other girl had invited me over to her house cause her parents were out to have some blueberry pancakes, lol. There was an obvious attraction between us, I was joking around being all like you wanna go, you wanna fight! And she was all like yea! So we started to wrestle a little, and it ended in us making out. The next day I broke up with my girlfriend at the time so me and this third girl could be together. I liked her, like a lot, but I told her at the time I didn't want anything serious. I kinda wanted a little space, and I knew the anime convention was coming up and I didn't wanna cheat on anyone. Well me and her hit it off here and their, but it was eventually ruined because some dickhead was lying about me to get her. I was the only one who had told her the truth about her ex cheating on her, and saying he didn't wanna end it because he was afraid she would kill herself, and she decided after talking to her ex that he would never do or say those things. Now I probably deserved not to get her, because at the end of the relationship, I was interested in another girl who I'd liked since the convention before hand, but I just never had my chance with her.

Girl D
Now in all honesty, I was in love with girl c, we had about a month of happiness, but she wouldn't be with me after believing what had been said about me. She thought I was a liar, and can't stand liars, witch I hate liars, and would never be one myself. I dated this new girl, Girl D, for about 2 weeks in total, but It was enough for me to be completely in love. I never needed anything more than a kiss from her to be happy. And she was the only girlfriend to that point that I didn't cheat on. She was extremely pretty, and she made me happy. After the 2 weeks, I believed she had cheated on me, but she broke up with me because she didn't want anything to serious. I was hurt, and she soon forgot about me more or less.

Girl E
About a month after my break up With girl D, the only one witch I didn't break up with, I got dumped, was the convention. I figured hey, lets get rid of these useless feelings of sadness and have fun. Their at the convention, I kissed at least 120 people, maybe around 140. Their were maybe 20 guys or so, but it was fun. The only one I regret is I made out with this gay guy, and that was just gross. I made out with maybe 10 girls, got a little more action with 2, and grinded in the rave with 1 of those 2. The girl I grinded with was amazing, Probably the prettiest girl I've met in person, about matching girl D. When the time came that girl D wanted me back, I couldn't tell her yes or no because I was trying to get an answer from girl E. Girl E eventually said no, but that was okay, cause a week later I met someone new.

Girl F
At the time I met her, my best friend was dating this girl. They dated about 4 days, and broke up. I wasn't really that interested at the moment, but she seemed interested in me, so I thought what the hell. Now don't get me wrong and think I'm the worst best friend ever for going out with his ex after she dumped him, but remember Girl B? After I dumped her(A 4 month long Relationship) He started dating her soon after. So I don't think it's so bad considering his was 4 days long, and I gave it a week. I love her so much now. Up to recent times in our relationship, I hadn't ever told her I wouldn't cheat, and I told her that i didn't see any reason I would, but I don't know. But after I realized how much I loved her and told her honest from my heart I wouldn't. I'm still with girl F, and I believe today is our 6 month mark. I do not plan on cheating again, but I understand why people do and I've been cheated on, so I know how it feels. One thing that helps my relationship with her is that I can trust her with all my soul and know she won't cheat. It hurts thinking thoughts that oh their might be a situation where she will, but I try to keep those away. I know I didn't mention it before, but Girl A also cheated on me. So after being cheated on by Girl A and Girl D, and my trust issues with B, I find is hard to trust my new love, but I try. I love her with all I can, she's probably by far the best girlfriend I've had, and she makes me happy.

Now for some side notes:

My View on Cheating
I think if it's only a kiss or making out, it's not cheating. It's fun to do, and boost self esteem. However, if you like the person, I believe it to be cheating.
On the same not, I do not kiss or make out with anyone for fun because I know my girlfriend wouldn't like it, and I want her happy.

Why I've Cheated
Mainly for fun, or to help lock away my feelings. It's hard to break up with a girl when her kisses were the only ones you've known for the past couple of months, sometimes it seems to take another set of lips to help you let go.

Have I regretted it?
In all honesty, the only time I've even came close to regretting it is when I almost cheating, just coming that close to a mistake hurt me and I regret it. Other times at the cons, or playing girls on like Girl C and D, I didn't regret that at all.

Will I cheat again
Hell NO! After finding this reason with in me or with in my relationship with girl F, I know I won't cheat again, not on her, or anyone. If theirs ever a time where I'll need that space or a day of fun, I'll break up first. Cheating can hurt someone when they do it, they'll feel guilt and regret just by doing it.

Have I ever been caught?
Not once have I been caught cheating or anything. I played my cards right, and no one had to be hurt by the fact I was happier with someone else.

Will I as a cheater be honest with a person if I did Cheat?
I'd have to say no. Not with someone I love. If I cheated on girl F, my current Love, I would just break up with her. It would hurt her so much to know I cheated. Girls or guys may say they would want to know, but when it comes to girls, I think it better left unsaid. She loves me so much, and has been cheated on before. I would never tell her if I did. She's asked me before that if I cheated, would I tell her, and I've asked her would she break up with me if I did. She says yes because she wouldn't want to put herself in a relationship like that again. So I tell her I wouldn't tell her. The pain of loosing our relationship is far greater than the pain that I would have to carry around knowing I cheated.

Last one, My orientation.
Now I know that after my story, and the mention of kissing guys and making out with a guy that you probably think I'm bi. I'm gonna shoot that down right now. I am completely STRAIGHT. I've never been gay or bi, and I don't have a problem with them either. I've never been attracted to a guy, but it's just fun. I believe 2 straight guys can kiss without their being anything gay. I'm just really secure with my sexuality, and that's the truth. And for those of you who think that's just another way of saying I'm bi but in the closet, go to hell xP

Sex anyone?
Just so you guys know, I've only had sex with3 girls(A,B, and F).
It was *NEVER* for pleasure, but because I was in love. Don't get me wrong it is pleasurable, but I'm traditional with the idea that it's making love, not just sex.

Hope you guys Enjoyed. Have a eventful rest of the week -"^;^"-

Btw, just for fun and kicks and giggles
I'm offering Q and A
Ask a Question and the mysterious Chaos will Answer.
Do it. Do it now!
Post a reply with questions and I'll answer as soon as I notice.
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Story time
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